Never Regret Something That Once Made You Smile

Heyy, I'm Jenn :).

I'm currently going to OCC looking to major in Criminal Justice and I work for Radioshack in HB as the wireless specialist.

Things I love hmmmm.. food, music and my car haha. Not gonna lie, I really love cars. Not into racing/tracking as much, but definitely love cleanly modded cars.

I'd say I'm pretty friendly and outgoing, sometimes I can get really shy at first, but that usually changes fast. Sometimes my friends call me weird because I can be so easily entertained and when I'm bored I do silly things to entertain myself.. lol :P I'm also told I have my "blond moments".. -.-

16th October 2012

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CRSX Socal Meet 101312

CRSX Socal Meet 101312

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